First Winner of Programming Contest (Leo Shao – undergaduate student in Discovery Lab)

Programming Contest Top 3

The SCIS Programming Team and the ACM Club held a programming competition last Saturday, Feb 4, and we are happy to announce the winners:


1. Leo Shao ¥éË (Undergaduate student in Discovery Lab)

2. Jorge Cabrera

3. Jesse Domack

A $75 prize was awarded for First Place, courtesy of Ultimate Software. Eleven competitors worked on six problems for four hours. Each solution program had to be accepted by the online UVA site. Many thanks to Alexis Jefferson, Jesus Ramos, and Daniel Rodriguez, who contributed problem solutions and assistance with scoring! Try solving the six problems here. If you are able to solve at least two, perhaps you should consider joining our training sessions! We meet every Thursday 3:30-4:45pm, in room ECS 141. We will hold a second competition during March.

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