FIU Torch Awards

The Discovery Lab had the pleasure of presenting and being congratulated at the FIU Torch Awards. President Mark Rosenberg mentioned the Telebot and its uses in his speech and shook the Telebot’s hand during the presentation. The event was a great opportunity to show the capabilities of the Telebot and even entertain the audience in the process. At the end of the event, the alumni present had an opportunity to take pictures and interact with the Telebot and its developers. It was certainly a night to remember.

Univision media coverage

The Telebot was recently presented at Univision, a national Spanish-speaking channel. Through interviews such as this one, the Telebot has reached English speaking audiences and has spread throughout Miami and Latin American Spanish speaking community. The team was able to present the Telebot on live national television by Joel Villasuso and Irvin Cardenas, and emphasised the importance of the support from the Hispanic community to the development of the Telebot. The interview covered areas such as the origin, functionality, and possible future implementations of the Telebot. We hope to be invited to more such events in the future.


Click on the photo for the full length video.