Graham Center Pit – Discovery Lab Outreach Event (11/20/12)


FIU SCIS 25th Anniversary – Discovery Lab Demonstrations (11/10/12)

As part of FIUäó»s School of Computing & Information Sciences 25th Anniversary celebration, the Discovery Lab at FIU hosted an open lab event on Saturday, November 10th, 2012. Discovery lab members presented a program that day for visitors with a lab tour and live robotics demonstrations. Guests included C++ creator Professor Bjarne Stroustrup, Professor Wenliang Du from Syracuse University, Sweetwater Police officers, other distinguished faculty, and children.


Discovery Lab members prepared live demos and tours of the lab. Professor Jong-Hoon Kim, Director of the Discovery Lab, explains the current projects to guests at the FIU SCIS 25th Anniversary open lab.


The Discovery Lab Director, Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim, presented the lab’s accomplishments and vision for the future. Discovery lab members demonstrated the following:

  • Air Aquarium – a fully autonomous robot fish that can move on its own or via remote control
  • G.I. Bioloid – a Bioloid remotely controlled via infra-red or a PC serial connection
  • SpiderBot – a mobile Bioloid robot modeled on the same principle that moves spider legs
  • TeleBot – a telepresence robot, which incorporates video, audio, and sensory capabilities, to allow disabled military veterans and police officers to get back to the workforce
  • ISHA – Intelligent System for Home Automation
  • 3D printers – printing of custom designed 3D models

Guests were impressed and found the demonstrations informative and engaging. “The event was very well organized, thanks to your effort. I was very impressed by the changes FIU and SCIS have done since I graduated. I was extremely impressed by the Discovery Lab. I wish we had a lab like that in our department,” said Professor Wenliang Du from Syracuse University.


TeleBot Simulator


Telebot Simulation


  •  Job commissioned by the Florida International University Discovery Lab from the Game Developers Guild to build a mini-game simulation of their telebot.
  • City Model by: Turnpike101
    Telebot Model Provided by: Discovery Lab