Tapestry Workshop – Discovery Lab Tour

As part of the Tapestry Workshop hosted at FIU, the attendees received a tour of the Discovery Lab. The high school teachers were able to see a quick demonstration of some of the prototypes here as well as a full explanation of most of the projects. The participants recorded video of the machines and some even took pictures with the Telebot prototype. The atendees were most impressed with the air Aquarium project and the Telebot for their size and capabilities. Although it was a quick presentation, the participants were able to learn much about the Discovery Lab’s work here at FIU.

Gui and Database Seminar

For the last day of presentations, we had Cynthia Tope presenting her work with the Graphic User Interface (GUI) and the Database System for the Telebot. Cynthia explained with great detail the features of the GUI and even demonstrated some of the control features of the system administrators. She also explained the heavy security methods that will be implemented.

The past two weeks have been packed with much information about the Telebot as the Lab members can handle.  In the  near future we expect to start a recruitment process, during which we will be presenting to the upcoming members our work so that they can choose the team they would like to work with. Keep checking the website for more information


Kalman Filter and Vision Control (Closed Door Seminar)

For the third day of Seminars, it was the turn of Michael Waddele and Irvin Cardenas to present their work. It started with Michael explaining the process of his adapted Kalman Filter for the Arms Motion team. He explained the detailed process and its recursive method while writing it on the whiteboard instead of showing it on a PowerPoint given the mathematical nature of his presentation. His presentation was followed by Irvin’s presentation on Vision Control. Irvin depicted the problems him and his team have worked to solve within the Vision Control system. He also went on to explain the basic Properties and Formulas of your average video and techniques on how to speed a video stream. There is only one presentation left for the next seminar, where Cynthia Tope will be talking about the Telebot interface and its databases.

Telebot Core and Balancing Systems (Closed Door Seminar)

The second Seminar was last Wednesday July 3th, and was led by Guiseppe Vietri and Maylem Gonzales. Both discussed their work within the telebot project, starting with Guiseppe and his Core Manager for the Telebot, through which all movements and system updates occur. He also taught the attendees all about the classes and methods needed to update all other systems of the Telebot. Afterwards, Maylem went over the progress of the balancing system team. She also explained in full detail all the systems and the problems encountered throughout the development stages, as well as future developments of the system. Given technical problems, we were not able to take many pictures of the second presentation. More of these Seminars will come later today.


Discovery Lab Closed-Door Seminars

The Discovery Lab started to host closed door seminars for the Discovery Lab members. The events started yesterday with a presentation by Antonio Triana and Justin Rodriguez. The seminars cover current projects’ development, ideas, and possible future work. The seminars are given with the intention of allowing all the teams to immerse in all the other sections of the Telebot and know about other projects currently happening at the lab. Antonio Triana talked about his developments regarding the hand control and design, and explained the design of others to compare and contrast. Mr Triana also went on to explain very interesting possible  adjustments and improvements to the system that will come in handy for the purpose of the Telebot. Justin Rodriguez explained the work of his team regarding a new project; an Emergency Response Bot designed after recent crisises. These seminars are done with the hope of improving each presentation and at some point give a much greater and complete seminar to the public. There will be more seminars coming up this week and the next.


Physical Therapy Department Visit

As part of what will most likely be a very great research collaboration with the Physical Therapy Department, some of the members of the Discovery Lab received a tour of the Motion Tracking Lab by Dr. Leonard Elbaum. The tour was very well conducted and gave the members of the Discovery Lab a very clear idea of the future steps to take in our research. The software in the Physical Therapy Research Lab is fascinating and their solid hardware will come in handy for further developing the Telebot, as well as to test the quality of our research. The tour was a great, eye opening experience that will hopefully commence a great research collaboration between the Discovery Lab and the Physical Therapy Department. 


Happy Independece-Day Weekend

The Discovery Lab activities will be taking a break from July 4th to July 7th to enjoy the festivities and relax after the past few extra stress-filled weeks. Enjoy the long weekend and be safe!