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College of Engineering Research Day

On September 26th, the Discovery Lab had the opportunity to present several of our projects on the Engineering Campus on the very first Research Day. The event was hosted by the College of Engineering and the Applied Research Center (ARC)…..

Tapestry Workshop – Discovery Lab Tour

As part of the Tapestry Workshop hosted at FIU, the attendees received a tour of the Discovery Lab. The high school teachers were able to see a quick demonstration of some of the prototypes here as well as a full…..

CS4HS Google Workshop

From Thursday June 13 to Saturday June 15, the Discovery Lab hosted an event sponsored by Google. The event is Computer Science for High school Students (CS4HS) and it was a complete success.   The event consisted of several lectures on programming…..

Intel Open House

On thursday May 16, representatives of Intel Corporation paid a visit to our campus. The representatives visited the Engineering Center and took a tour of the Engineering and Computer Science Building in the Modesto A Maidique Campus (MMC). They talked…..

Summer – Robotics Workshop 2012

Join us the for our Robotics Summer Camp. June 28 –  29. Students will be taught how to use an Arduino microcontroller to control motors, and build a robot to recognize a line with line sensing sensors, as well as…..

National Robotics Week 2012